MA-Waiver Programs

Brain Injury (BI) Waiver

The BI Waiver program provides services to people with a brain injury.

As with all other MA-Waiver programs, you must meet the eligibility outlined here to qualify for the BI Waiver program. In addition:

  • You must have a diagnosed brain injury or related condition that results in significant cognitive and behavioral impairment
  • You must need a higher level of service than is available through any other MA-Waiver program
  • You must be able to function well enough to participate in rehabilitation activities, and
  • A MnCHOICES assessment must determine that you need the level of care normally provided in a nursing facility or neurobehavioral hospital


More than 1,000 people receive BI Waiver services each year. BI Waiver enrollees have access to all services covered under Medical Assistance (MA), as well as numerous additional services.

Additional services covered under the BI Waiver:

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