MA-Waiver Programs

Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver

The DD Waiver program provides services to people with a documented developmental disability or related condition.

The DD Waiver enables adults and children with developmental disabilities to live in the community rather in an Intermediate care facility for persons with developmental disabilities (ICF/DD). The DD Waiver serves about 14,000 people per year.

To qualify, you must meet the eligibility criteria outlined here. Additionally, a MnCHOICES assessment must determine that you need the level of care typically provided in an ICF/DD and you must have documented diagnosis of a developmental disability.

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DD Waiver enrollees have access to all services covered under Medical Assistance (MA), as well as a number of additional services that help the live in the community.

Additional services covered under the DD Waiver include:

If you have questions about the DD Waiver program, Chat with a Hub expert.

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