Managing Your Benefits While Working

Essential Tools and Resources

Life events such as changes in employment, marital status, or living situation can be stressful, especially if you are not sure how the change will affect your benefits. Meeting with a benefits expert is the easiest way to learn how these changes can affect your health care coverage and disability benefits.

A benefits expert knows all about health coverage and cash assistance programs like SSI and SSDI. If you tell a benefits expert about your goals and your situation, he or she can help you make informed choices about working and benefits.

Disability Hub MN – 1-866-333-2466

The Hub is a free service for people with disabilities anywhere in the state of Minnesota. It can:

  • Answer your questions about benefits and work
  • Help you with any challenges or problems you’re facing related to benefits
  • Explain how program changes may apply to you
  • Review your personal situation to help you with work incentives, benefits, and life choices related to work
  • Put you in touch with other organizations that give services to people with disabilities

Use DB101's Chat with a Hub expert feature to contact the Hub by email or live chat.

DB101 Website

The Disability Benefits 101 website (DB101) helps people with disabilities learn how earned income may impact their benefits so they can make informed choices, reduce fears, and make work a core part of their lives.

The DB101 website has detailed descriptions of health care and disability benefit programs like SSI, SSDI, and Medical Assistance (MA). Each program description gives information on how the program interacts with work and other disability benefit programs. It also includes sections on topics of interest like returning to work, building assets and wealth, and rights and responsibilities.

DB101 Benefits Planning Estimators

The DB101 website also has Estimators to help you better understand how life changes can affect your finances, health care coverage, and disability benefits. DB101 Estimators help users:

  • Learn about the connections between work and benefits
  • Learn about Social Security work incentives
  • Develop tailored work plans
  • Set goals for employment

Benefits and Work Estimator

What will happen to your income, benefits, and health coverage if you go to work? You can use the Benefits and Work Estimator to find out how a job may affect your total income and your health care coverage.

MA-EPD Estimator

Minnesota's Medical Assistance for Employed Persons with Disabilities (MA-EPD) program lets workers with disabilities keep Medical Assistance (MA) coverage by paying a monthly premium. You can use the MA-EPD Estimator to find out if you’d qualify for the program and what your estimated premium would be.

School and Work Estimator

Young people with disabilities can use the School and Work Estimator to find out how a job can affect their cash benefits and health care coverage – and how staying in school can help.

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