General Assistance (GA)


Amanda's Story

Amanda has muscular dystrophy. For years, she was able to work. But then she started getting weaker, and realized that she would no longer be able to hold down a job. She didn’t have much money in savings, and knew that she was going to have a hard time making ends meet. After a few months of trying to get by, she went online to apply for General Assistance using MNbenefits. This program helps Minnesotans without children.

She also applied for health coverage and SNAP. Because she had a disability and had worked in the past, she applied for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Less than a month later, she was approved for General Assistance. She was able to receive General Assistance because she couldn’t work and was waiting to hear back on an SSDI application. Since she lived alone and didn’t have any income, she got the maximum GA benefit of $203 a month.

With this money, along with help from other Minnesota programs like SNAP, she was able to get by until her SSDI application was approved the following year.

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