How to Sign Up

The only way you can apply for Medical Assistance for Employed Persons with Disabilities (MA-EPD) is by filling out the Minnesota Health Care Programs Application for Certain Populations and taking it or mailing it to your local county or tribal human services office. You cannot sign up online.

Note: You should only use this application if you think you might qualify for MA-EPD. If you are not sure whether you qualify for MA-EPD, Chat with a Hub expert.

How Your Application is Reviewed for Eligibility

  1. Your application will be reviewed to see if you qualify for income-based Medical Assistance (MA).
    1. If you do qualify, you’ll start getting MA coverage.
    2. If you do not qualify, your application will be reviewed to see if you might qualify based on disability-based MA or MA-EPD.
  2. If there is no way you can qualify for MA or MA-EPD, your county worker will tell you to apply for health coverage on MNsure.
If you need help

If you need help applying for MA-EPD, try the following options:

Staying on MA-EPD

Usually, once you are approved for MA-EPD, you will need to verify your income every six months and your assets every 12 months. At any time, if your income, immigration status, residency, or household size changes, the best way to update your information is by letting your county or tribal human services office know. When you report your changes, they’ll tell you whether you will continue getting MA, if your premium will change, or if you have new health coverage options. There should always be at least one health coverage option for your family.

Job Loss

To be on MA-EPD, you must be employed. But if you lose your job through no fault of your own, you can keep your MA-EPD coverage for up to four months while you look for a new job. You still have to pay your premium and you have to give your county or tribal human services office office a letter from your employer stating that you lost your job through no fault of your own.

If you quit your job or get fired, you would not get those four months of coverage. You would lose your coverage at the end of the month.

Note: When your income goes down, you may become eligible for MA without a premium, MinnesotaCare with a low premium, or an individual insurance plan. Read more about these options in DB101’s Health Programs section.

Medical Leave

If you can’t work because of your medical condition, you can stay on MA-EPD for up to four months. You must provide a signed note from your doctor stating that you are unable to work because of your medical condition, and the date that you’re expected to be able to return to work.

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