Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS)

Suspending or Terminating a PASS

If a medical situation or some other issue comes up that impacts your ability to continue your PASS, talk to your PASS Cadre about your options.

In many cases, you will be allowed to put your PASS plan on hold for up to 12 months. As long as you’re able to resume your PASS within 12 months, you’ll be allowed to put it on hold (you need to contact your PASS Cadre to get it restarted). If you don’t resume your PASS after 12 months, Social Security will end it.

Some reasons Social Security may suspend or terminate your PASS plan:
  • You become seriously ill.
  • You have a family emergency.
  • You don’t follow your plan and you fail to amend it with your PASS Cadre.
  • You don’t follow your plan at all.
  • You don’t provide the PASS Cadre with timely information when it’s requested.
  • You don’t cooperate with your PASS Cadre.
Other reasons your PASS may end:
  • Your eligibility for SSI ends.
  • You don’t resume your suspended PASS within 12 months.
  • You spend PASS funds on expenses that aren’t approved in your PASS. Note: If Social Security finds that you misused your PASS funds, they may require you to pay some or all of it back.
  • You achieve your work goal or have paid all related expenses. Yeah!

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