Minnesota Supplemental Aid (MSA)

Common Pitfalls

Failing to Apply for MSA and MA

In Minnesota, almost everybody who gets SSI also qualifies for an extra cash benefit from Minnesota Supplemental Aid (MSA), health coverage through Medical Assistance (MA), and SNAP (Food Stamps/Food Support). But these other benefits are not automatic - you must apply to get them. You can apply online at MNbenefits or by filing a paper application.

Read more about how to apply for MA.

Not filling out the application at MNbenefits correctly

The online application form at MNbenefits is complicated. It’s important to read through the instructions carefully so that you are sure that you’ve filled out the form as best you can. You can save a partial application and come back to it later.

If you prefer, you can fill out a paper application.


It can be difficult to find accurate and complete information about public benefits programs. Some social workers and advocates may have limited knowledge of available options. They may also be unaware of how changes in income or employment can affect eligibility for such programs.

To be sure the information you receive is accurate and complete, Chat with a Hub expert or contact your county or tribal human services office.

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