Energy Assistance

Frequent Pitfalls

Not completing application requirements

There are four important things that people often forget to do when applying for Energy Assistance:

  • Not signing the application;
  • Not providing complete documentation;
  • Not providing a copy of your most recent energy bills; and
  • Not providing copies and proof of all income.

Doing these things and following all other application instructions will help the state make a decision about your application as soon as possible.

Not providing the right income documentation

Energy Assistance only looks at your last three months of income. They’ll use that amount to figure out how much you would earn in a year. You’ll need to provide documents for your last three months of income. If you have your own business or have rental income, you also have to provide the previous year’s federal income tax return. If you are paid annually or semi-annually, you’ll also need to include documentation of those payments.


It can be difficult to find accurate and complete information about public benefits programs. Some social workers and advocates may have limited knowledge of available options. They may also be unaware of how changes in income or employment can affect eligibility for such programs.

To be sure the information you receive is accurate and complete, Chat with a Hub expert or contact your county or tribal human services office.

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