Watch these videos to learn more about benefits, and see how work can help people get to their best life.

  • Each of the 7 benefit videos are about a specific topic and are less than 5 minutes long so you can quickly get the information to keep you moving forward.
  • The Public Benefit video gives a very brief overview of the public benefits available to people with disabilities in MN and how work impacts those benefits.
  • The Success Story videos highlight three people with disabilities who have found success in going to work.

Benefits Videos

What is SSI?

Learn about how SSI can help you - and what the three requirements for getting it are.

SSI & Work

Learn more about SSI & Work by watching this short video.

SSI and Youth Who Work

Learn what happens to SSI when young people go to work.

What is SSDI?

Learn about how SSDI can help you, and what its requirements are.

SSDI & Planning for Work

Learn how planning helps you know what to expect with your SSDI when you go to work.

SSDI Work Incentives

Understand how SSDI's rules can help you when you go back to work.

Moving Ahead with Minnesota Benefits

Learn how Minnesota benefits can help you get ahead when you work.

MSA Housing Assistance

Learn how MSA Housing Assistance can help with your housing costs.

General Assistance (GA)

Learn about General Assistance, also called “GA,” a program that that helps people who have no or almost no income by providing a small amount of income each month.

Overview of Public Benefits

Public Benefits: A Bridge for People with Disabilities

Learn the basics of public assistance benefits in MN and how they support work.

Success Stories


Nathaniel works as a Certfied Peer Recovery Specialist.


Mohamed found fulfilling work at Pitney Bowes.


"It's my dream job to work here," saysTamir.