New Features on DB101

DB101 has two big new features:

  1. DB101 now integrates with Disability Hub MN (formerly “Talk to an Expert”).
  2. New DB101 Vault activities support benefits planning.

Disability Hub MN Integration

For years, DB101's Talk to an Expert chat feature has been supported by Disability Hub MN (formerly known as the Disability Linkage Line or DLL). Now, the feature has been renamed to better align with the website. This way users can have a uniform experience across websites.

The blue “Talk to an Expert” box is being replaced with contact options at the top of each page:

A screenshot showing the header of a DB101 web page, including the link to chat with a Hub expert and the phone number: 1-866-333-2466.

Along with “Chat with a Hub expert” in the “Get Help” section at the bottom of each page:

A screenshot showing the footer of a DB101 web page, including links to chat with or email a Hub expert and the phone number: 1-866-333-2466.

The chat hours and service will stay the same.

New DB101 Benefits Planning Path

A Benefits Planning Path, with interactive activities, has been added to the DB101 Vault. This “path” will help people with disabilities see what happens to their benefits and total income when they go to work. People can complete these activities on their own, or with the help of another person.

A screenshot showing the Vault navigation section of the DB101 Benefits Planning Path.

These are the Benefits Planning acivities in the Vault:

  • Start a Benefits Plan: Three quick questions help people see where they are in the benefits planning process and how they can learn more.
  • Get a Benefits Lookup: A simple request form to get a Benefits Lookup Worksheet from the State of Minnesota. This is the same as the current “Understand Your Benefits” activity.
  • Do a Quick Budget: Users can get a picture of their income and expenses and how their financial picture might change when they work or change their expenses.
  • Make a Work Plan: An easy tool to help people think about and set work goals by answering some simple questions.
  • See How Work and Benefits Work Together: This activity launches an Estimator session directly from the Vault and pre-fills any information from the “Get a Benefits Lookup” and “Make a Work Plan” activities. This is the same as the current “See How Work and Benefits Work Together” activity
  • Manage Benefits: Users can create a checklist of what they need to do each month to manage their benefits, based on the benefits they have.
  • Build a Benefits Planning Team: A powerful tool that helps people figure out who can support them as they plan for and continue to work.

You can find these new tools by going into your Vault and clicking on the Paths tab. Users can get the results of each activity separately in PDF format, or as a combined Benefits Planning Plan. The plan can be shared with the team right in the path, which can help support person-centered planning and informed choice related to work and benefits.

If you have any questions, Chat with a Hub expert.