More People Now Eligible for Medical Assistance

With the expansion of Minnesota's Medicaid program on March 1, 2011 more people with low incomes are now eligible for Medical Assistance (MA) benefits. Adults without children under age 21 in the home, with incomes at or below 75 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines ($798 a month, or $9,570 a year for one person) now qualify for Medical Assistance. This includes people who are currently enrolled in General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC) or MinnesotaCare.

Current GAMC enrollees do not have to take any action. They should continue to go to their health care providers for services. They will automatically be enrolled in MA, and will get MA benefits.

Current MinnesotaCare enrollees who meet the expansion qualifications should also continue to go to their health plan providers for services. They will move over to MA over a period of six months but will be eligible for MA benefits as of March 1; coverage will be retroactive. Current GAMC and MinnesotaCare enrollees will receive information from the Minnesota Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) about the expansion and any actions they need to take.

New applicants who are eligible for MA can enroll by contacting their county human service agencies.

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