What Won't Change

Existing Medical Assistance (MA) Programs

If you were already on Medical Assistance (MA) before 2014, the most important thing to know about MA and health care reform is that nothing has to change about your coverage. You will be able to keep the coverage and benefits that you already have.

There are some changes happening in MA, but they are changes that will expand coverage to more people, not take it away from anyone.

If you were not on MA before 2014, you might be able to get it under the new rules. You can read more about the changes to MA later in this article.

Existing Medicare Programs

The most important thing to know about Medicare and health care reform is that if you were on Medicare before 2014, your coverage won’t change. You can keep getting your Medicare coverage, and your benefits will stay the same, whether you are on Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) does make some small changes to Medicare. You can read more about these changes later in this article.

Employer-Based Coverage

Under the ACA, after 2015 most employers will be required to provide coverage or pay a fine if they don’t (small businesses with fewer than 50 employees won’t have to pay a fine). This may make employer-sponsored health coverage more widely available.

In general, you will be able to keep your employer-based coverage as long as your employer chooses to keep offering it. Just like before health care reform, most Americans will get their health care coverage through an employer after 2014. However, if your employer decides to stop offering coverage, there are now many other options not based on your job, such as MNsure.

For more information on employer-based coverage, read the DB101 article on Employer-Sponsored Coverage.