More information about General Assistance (GA) and Housing Support (formerly Group Residential Housing) on DB101

May 19, 2014

DB101 now helps people learn more about General Assistance (GA) and Housing Support (formerly Group Residential Housing):

  • Both programs are now fully included in DB101’s Benefits and Work Estimator, including work incentives like Housing Support Self-Sufficiency Accounts.
  • How to qualify for Housing Support and how much you will pay for room and board if you qualify are explained in detail in DB101’s Housing article, which includes easy-to-use tools that let you estimate your monthly room and board payment.

With these new tools and information, people who get Housing Support benefits and are thinking about work can now figure out how their work plans will affect their total income, how much they will have to pay for room and board, and what type of health coverage will be their best option.

These learning tools focus on how work can improve your overall situation, thanks to the work incentives that exist for people who get GA and Housing Support benefits. For example, many people have not heard of Self-Sufficiency Accounts, one of the best work incentives for people who get both GA and Housing Support, but here they are clearly explained and modeled so that you can understand how you can increase your income, save up money, and make future plans.